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Building site  „PUPH  Fejklowicz”

On 08.04.2013 we took over the building site at Chopin street in Gorlice. It’s a commercial building with 1050 m2  of development area. The project involves the following function and form of the building: basement as a storage and technical part of the total area of 773,9 m2 , ground floor and first floor as commercial premises with social and storage facilities of the total area of 1816,6 m2 and the attic as a non-usable area. The building has an expanded form with a multi-hipped roof and is fitted to the shape of the building plot. 

And here are some pictures from the building site: 


Building site  „Gajowa”

At present we continue the finishing works in the building. We make the following: laying the tiles and the floor panels, assembling the windows and doors, painting the walls.
We have also started building the garage in the immediate neighbourhood of the house. 
Here are some pictures showing the progress of the work: 

Building site „Gajowa” is also a dwelling house for one family, a one storied building with an attic and a garage. The building development area is 172,47 m2. The technology of this building is very traditional and it uses concrete and brick elements. The whole building is covered by pitched roof made of wooden construction and covered by sheet. The whole architectonic form is in very modern style but while designing, it was taken to consideration the regional proportions, details and construction systems. According to investor’s plan the building was made of high quality materials from the highest technology which will make it friendly to surroundings.

Building site  „Cerkiew”

At this moment we are making the elevation of the building. The domes were covered by sheets and at the top of them the crosses had been embed. Now we are making the elevations of the outside walls and its warming.
Here are some pictures: 

Building site „CERKIEW” in Bielanka is a building with 140m2 of area with a destination for The Orthodox Church. The project assumed about 126m2 of living area, which contains hall, central part, altar, organ-loft, belfry and flight of stairs. According to the project we used reinforced concrete continuous footing . The external walls as well as partition walls were made partly of bricks and hollow blocks. The rest of the elements such as ties, downstand beams and stairs were built of concrete. The roof construction is wooden, which will be covered by cooper sheet.


Building site  „Sokół”

At the building site „Sokół” we have recently made the following elements: assembling the windows, masoning  the inside walls and covering the roof by flat sheet. Now we are making the interior installations. 
Here are some pictures: 

Building site „SOKÓŁ” – is a dwelling house for one family with an attic and a garage, which has a rectangle shape . The building development area is 172,47 m2. The whole construction is made of concrete and hollow blocks but the roof will have a wooden construction and it will be covered by flat sheet.

Building site „CIENIAWA”


We would like to inform that we have finished our works at Building site “CIENIAWA” and therefore we would like to show some photos showing the final result. 



Building site „CIENIAWA” are the building works in Cieniawa village consisting in building the workshop which development area is 700 m2 together with administrative and social building for about 300 m2 area.


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