Some investments carried out by our company

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Housing settlement „LES BOUQUETINS”,88 apartaments – Toulouse, France

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Head office of a „CERTUS” company – Gorlice, Poland

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Housing settlement „BOIS DAURADE”, 124 apartaments - Toulouse, France



Technical Department

The main task of the technical department is organizing and supervising the fruition of all investment tasks of our

- carrying out the cycling inspections of building facilities

- technological consulting

- monitoring construction works

- spatial development of the investment area

- taking care of the accurate and on-schedule fruition of the investment


Human Resources

Human Resources tries to help the employees from the moment of their hiring, throughout the period of employment, until
the final termination of a contract. In particular it deals with:

- managing personnel administration and personal files

- personnel policies, including managing job positions


Supply Department

The Supply Department takes care of the administrative management of the following matters:

1. the reception and keeping records of all requirements

2. making current purchases of materials for the organizational units and storages on building sites

3. help in arriving at a price of the purchase order, potential suppliers as well as the terms of fruition
and payment

4. the verification of invoices concerning the current fruition of contracts for gradual deliveries and applications for
public procurement, at an angle of concordance with the placed requirement, contract, and with the instruction on making,
circulation and control of accounting documents,

5. the examination of the delivery contract status

6. the implementation of requirements for protective work clothing as well as sanitary and hygienic products for workers

7. inventory management

8. administering the inventory to provide a proper inventory management: analyzing the shape of inventory reserves and
counteraction to their excessive formation


Accounts department

• preparation of the annual financial plan of the company

• sorting, making and controlling of financial documents

• current and correct bookkeeping

• calculation of costs and financial reporting

• supervising the overall work in the area of financing

The duties of the chief accountant are regulated by:

1. Public finance law (Dz. U. [Journal of Laws] from 1998, Nr 155 pos. 1014 with later changes), (Dz. U. Nr 112 z
2001r., Nr 145 poz. 1623),

2. Regulation of the Finance Minister from 2001 (Dz. U. 153 pos. 1752),

3. Accounting Act from 2000 (Dz. U. Nr 113 pos. 1186)


Design office

Under construction

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